Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I'm Alive and Awesome!!! (from the MTC #1)

This is Raleigh (dad) here.  We dropped Hannah off at the MTC today. Wow, what an experience. We said "goodbye" at curbside with several missionaries at the ready to take her away.
As you could imagine, there are probably several hundred parents who would like to make sure that their "child" is doing alright after the "parting" so Hannah was allowed to send the following email:


I am having a great time! It is exactly what I expected, missionary spirit camp. They're allowing us to email home tonight to minimize calls here asking if their child is alive. I can only email one person. We can email for an hour on pday which is Monday. So that will be when I email for my blog.

I am very happy to be here! There are a good few other elders and sisters who are also going to South Dakota and one of them has a speech impediment and she's awesome, I love her and glad she's in our district. I am so excited for choir on SUNDAY! AH I heard general authorities might be speaking! And so I'm SO excited for that! AND they will let us sing in the choir if we come in the morning on sunday at 8:15. :) And there's opportunites for auditioning for musical numbers later in the week, so I'll see what I can do with that for sure! Super excited for choir and to keep my testimony bright and to get to know people and to record my experiences! It's missionary camp, it's awesome. Not overwhelmed, doing fine tired wise, it's awesome! So yeah, that's what's going on!

THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!! Email you on Monday, and I'll write you too! :)

Alright, back to me...
I've made the first few posts as Hannah while I figure this out.  I'm going to add myself as an author on the Blog, so it will be more clear what is from the "parents" perspetive verses from Hannah.  Just so you know, while Hannah is on her mission, I will be making the actual posts from what Hannah sends to me. I'm not completely sure yet, but I will probably continue to post using Hannah's login.  Not completely sure.  :-)

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