Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Email Home (from the MTC #3)

We've been given a little bit of time to email right now, but not long, so I'll make this short and give you a blog entree next week. 
I've grown lots! This week has been a lot more lax feeling ever since Monday. We're teaching more instead of just learning in a classroom which is nice. And we're leaving at 2:30 in the morning for South Dakota on Monday morning! I've grown so much and have come to a better understanding of how the spirit works and a little bit more of a reminder of what the atonement is. I've been learning my strengths and weaknesses and it's been great.
Write you later!

K! Writing until everyone leaves. I'm doing awesome. :)  

I've come to know the spirit more, like how to know what it is, how to explain it and I feel more comfortable with the idea of the spirit governing the lesson. Because lots of times I like to think that I am the one with the thoughts you know? That I would totally come up with them even without the spirit. But it was pretty crazy because last night I prayed to know how to better understand the spirit and them BAM!! We had a lesson on the spirit today! 

And I learned that the spirit often speaks and you don't even know it and it's a prompting and you don't even know it, because he's just using your own self, what makes up you, in order to do God's work. And I already knew that, but this time there's something associating with it. It comes when you're a "good boy or good girl," just keeping your covenants and striving to be better. That's when and how the spirit is able to work through you. And if you're not supposed to say something you would otherwise say, you'll have a stupor of thought. 

And THEN! I taught a lesson today and was kind of struggling to explain the atonement and I was talking with my companion saying that I wished I understood the atonement more. AND WHAM! We had a lesson on the atonement! Ask and ye shall receive? I think a solid yes this time round! God answers prayers and it's great when the answers kind of fall into you lap like that.

I also think it's cool, I didn't know this, but at the MTC they have people with golden tags and some of them are members just pretending, but some of them are actually investigators seeking for truth! I didn't know there were potentially real people at the MTC who needed teaching! I'll explain this in my blog entree, but there was SUCH A COOL LESSON that we had with a gold tag investigator that Sister Kendrick ran into and we accompanied her to her lesson. And Sister Kendrick has a stutter, and so did the investigator! And it was soooooo cool to hear and see two people with a stutter talk back and forth to each other.

I've gotten so close to my district!
(Okay dad, you can use this as a blog if you really want but, yeah. I'm gonna do one next week. That is if we don't have time Monday, which we probably won't. Title it: An Email Home)

It's been awesome. We laugh all the time! And I'm going to be soooooooo sad to leave them all.... We are all going to South Dakota (with the exception of one, Elder Johnson) so we can't email them, cuz they're in our mission. At least, that's my understanding. At least not without special permission. But yeah. 

Oh and Elder Autrey's mother is an author! How cool! Her name is Clover Autrey! (And his dad's name is Patrick. How cute is that.) And soooo someone should look her up and see what she writes! Cuz you know how it is, Elder Autrey doesn't know. XD

Elder Bright is hilarious. He just came on Wednesday, going to Tennessee??? But in our zone. He's 6'6". He's presence is massive. And he's lanky and just hahaha he looks like a deer in the headlights all the time. He's so weirdly animated. I can't handle him!! hahahaha 

And I've successfully accomplished my mission to be known as the Sister with the cute hat. It's awesome. I always get comments. And Elder Bright Lights lol peeked into the room the other day and said, (I love his speech pattern, it's so like... lol, I don't even know, calm but ridiculous.) "Your hat it different.... I don't even know who you are anymore. 8C" hahahha And today hahah I was like "I have four hats and .... three no...... two... yeah... two out of the four have bows on them." he's like hahahah "That's 50%. That's a failing grade (in this funny booming low voice). It you were in bow school, you'd fail." hahahahahah Aw man.

And then there's peaches. Which is our code term for flirting. There's an Elder Peaches we're calling him that we see all the time in the lunch room flirting with all the girls. Sinneeeeeer! lol And this guy, it MADE MY DAY! Elder Nutter lol, and he stopped me to compliment me before going into the lunch room saying "You're outfit is fabulous (not in a gay voice, though that would be funny). It looks really nice." And it was such a genuine compliment and it made my day! And then we bumped into each other a minute later getting food and started chatting and I was just laaaaaaughing and whatnot because I mean, he made my day! He was super nice! And hahahhaha my district saw me, and the Elders just shook their heads at me and teased me calling peaches. "No, what you did, you just trampolined all the way to the top of the peach tree!" -Elder Autrey Aw man, it was hilarious. I was laughing soooooooooo hard. Oh my goodness. I've seen him a couple more times, and I've hoped that they would notice my other contacts with me for laughs hahahha, the Elders in my district I mean, but hasn't happened. Buuuuut yeah. 

I'm out of time now. I had more time than I thought, they didn't come get us. >< But yeah, I'm doing awesome, one more full day left, that's crazy! AH! 


God bless!!

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