Monday, April 7, 2014

"Dad" is in The House!

I got my own account setup to post on Hannah's Blog.

I've done this as a transparency measure.  If there is anything that I want to say as "Hannah's father," then I will be sure to say it in my own posting.  I will continue to post Hannah's blog messages under her account.  I will make only spelling and grammatical corrections (especially since I'm sure that Hannah doesn't think that my grammar is all that fantastic. :-) and add the photographs according to her instructions.

I'll do my best to not "usurp" her blog with my own agenda, but I do want to have a voice to support and advocate for her and her family (especially her brothers here at home).

Thank you, again, for your support as readers of this blog.  I hope that you will comment freely with the understanding that Hannah will not be able to be "engaged" in responding to the comments, but WILL absolutely spend hours and days reading through them when she is home from her mission.  She loves you guys! :-)

Raleigh (Dad) Sanderson

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