Monday, August 31, 2015

70 - Legacy of the Williston Sisters

Another week, another string of events to talk about!

Sisters Lewis, Awesome and Sanderson
This is us with Sister Awesome. The dress that Sister Lewis is wearing is legendary. It has come full circle.

Once upon a time, there were two sister missionaries. They were called to serve in Williston. This was the first time in a great while that sisters had served here in this land of oil workers and man camps.

These sister missionaries lived with a member family. They lived in the basement. The Member's names were Sister and Brother Awesome. One day they drove out towards Minot and a house on the side of the road caught their eye. They pulled over and found the house abandoned. They decided to explore and they found things that were left there that were still of use. They took some clothes from that abandoned place because, why not? They were abandoned.

Sister Awesome wore on of the old ragged dresses a few times. But then she put that dress in a give away basket of clothes. Well, one of the Sister Missionaries jumped right up and dug that dress out claiming it as her own!

That Sister later got transferred, as happens with missionaries. She was in time placed with a companion named Sister Lewis who really liked the dress. The sister gave it to her. Sister Lewis sewed it up a bit and wore a belt to modernize the old dress.

Sister Lewis then got transferred to Williston shortly after that companion who gave her the dress went home. She then met Sister Awesome, who commented on her dress. And so the dress has come full circle. A picture had to be taken.

Also, Brother Awesome is the king of nicknames. If he calls you by your real name, something's very wrong. 

Sister Lewis was christened with her nickname. Lyle. Reasoning: Lyle Lewis is a baptist preacher. 

My nickname is Kale. Don't ask me the reason behind that one. It was just a good name I guess.

But as much as I like the name Kale, I also like my name of Sister Sanderson. I think that will be the most culture shocking thing when I do go home, to be called my first name again!

We had a really good lesson with grizzly about the plan of salvation. Grizzly is staying with a member up in Luckenbill right now, an area where actually a lot of members live that is just takes about 15 minutes to get to, involving a stretch of dirt road and the passing the lone pumpjack.

I have always wanted to take a picture next to a pumpjack. 

But the one time we were out in the oilfield, we got busted before we had the chance! 

So this I would say is the next best thing.

Sister Lewis has been not feeling well off and on and she has needed extra sleep about every other day. 

During her sleeping, and speaking of the first sisters in Williston, 

We did some missionary snooping and figured out from other missionaries the history of the Sisters who have served in Williston and I made a transfer history board!

The legacy of Sister Gogan and Sister Aiono will live on forever! And a history of the rest of the Sisters! Sister Aiono started her mission in Williston and is now just gone home. What you see is almost two years of transfer history.

Planner for Sister Lewis
Planner for me
It was rather ironic, one of the only days that Sister Lewis was actually feeling good, I was having an off day... But I was able to make cool planners for Sister Lewis and I respectively!

Cuz in this upcoming transfer it's general conference! Woo!

Sister Lewis and I are both at the same point in out missions and, though I took this picture before I made this planners that you just saw, these are all our mission planners... 

A full collection of planners for a sister... aaaaahhhhhh.... 

Going home, why!? 

I'll be excited when I see my family. Till then, I'll be a bit sad and not wanna leave.

Elias was not able to come to church because he had a weird sore appear on his face! We asked him if he wanted a blessing, to which he replied: "Indeed." 

And when we told him the Elders would come, he sent us this text.

Haha, he's still learning. But hey! He knows the First and last names of two very important prophets!

We had a zone meeting again in Bismarck. That's right. Another one. We are making LOTS of trips there lately! The reason we needed to go this time was because we are going to be meeting as zones with a member of the seventy in September and President Hess isn't able to do interviews with the missionaries when he is here because he needs the whole time, as well as he was instructed to meet with all of us before the member of the Seventy comes. SO. We went to Bismarck again.

We stayed the night with the Minot Sisters in their apartment and then left in the morning for Bismarck. It was so pretty!
Look at how pretty the sun against lake saccaguwea (sp?) is!

We got there, and it was an awesome meeting, but one of the most awesome things was...

I got to see Sister Barrett again!!! So that was awesome.

So I think that's about it. Until next week!

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