Monday, August 10, 2015

67 - Bootin' the Gluten

So, it's happened, Sister Barrett got transferred off to Dickinson, but not before a bunch of goodbyes and definitely not before she got a picture in front of the big Williston Boomtown sign.

And not before Elder Reynolds exposed the inside of this not real baseball.

And when we both finally did get to Dickinson, then we had to wait for the other transfer train to come rolling in for a good few hours. 

So we went and got something to eat at Wendy's.

It was cool to see Sister Gray again, and to see Sister Lewis and just talk with everyone.

While we waited we played hangman.

Sister Cavu is "it" in Super Frog
/ Do You Love Your Neighbor
Then a good hour plus of Super frog, which is like signs, but with ranks like four square. The object was not to mess up so you could work your way up to super frog. I was swagdraggon for soooo long, (2nd to Super Frog) must've been thirty minutes at least, and then I became super frog for awhile! Man, it was so fun!

And we finished off with 'do you love your neighbor, which is what the picture is of.

And finnally the transfer train got there! 

And my dying wish, being as I have two transfers left, is to be in Williston with Sister Lewis for one transfer, and then to finish training Sister Gray's new greenie in Montana, Sister Severe, because Sister Gray goes home after this transfer! 

I could do it. 

It could happen.

Sister Lewis is great! We get along very well! BLESSINGS! 

Aaaand why is there no time left. Darn it. 

Well she met a lot of people, and we taught a few lessons, and we went out to eat at this Chinese place just the two of us and the guys in the booth next to us started talking to us and they are both less active members, and we got their information for the ward list, since they weren't on there, and they totally paid for us! How nice of them!

And our African investigator is totally going to be baptized on Saturday! Yaaaaaaay! This is the first time I've found someone and taught them all the way to baptism! Too bad Sister Barrett can't be there. Sad face.

And had another sweet thing happen. Super effective member referral. This old guy who gives us tons of referrals that don't always go anywhere, just called this guy up when we were standing there and he is his neighbor turns out and he's this old Russian guy (with the same exact accent as Sister Stephens and I always imitated during the second half of our companionship lol) and we taught him the restoration and he understands it pretty good and he came to church! Ah! So many investigators! We can't keep up with them all! But what a good problem to have!

But the biggest change of this week is well, where the title comes from.

That's right, Sister Lewis is gluten intolerant. She JUST confirmed it not even a month ago. She was feeling stabbed and malnourished and awful for so long and she tried cutting gluten out of her diet and she felt lots lots better. SO! This will be an experience going gluten free. It's already been an adventure, what with being out of food practically on Sunday and not being able to go to the store and calling a member that we have an awesome relationship with as far as inviting ourselves over for dinner and her setting up to feed us. So yeah!

That's all I have time for! Till next week!

P.S. This is SIster Lewis, smashing a rock.

P.P.S.  The young women kidnapped George... lol

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