Monday, June 29, 2015

61 - Faith, Hope, and Charity

So much to say in so little time!

I have to be brief in some points of this week. This week was just so jam packed it seems!

We helped someone move on Tuesday. 

She's an awesome member. 

She needs to move to Utah so that she can have heart therapy there. 

We will miss her, but we want her heart to get better, so we are glad that she is getting help for that.

You know what was super cool this week? 

We were scheduled to eat with a member for dinner and they informed us that their less active son and his as of February non-member wife would be there. 

They are super awesome, and the son is super spiritual, and after doing the restoration cups lesson and inviting Hope to read the Book of Mormon to see if it was 'good fruit of a true prophet,' she became a new investigator! 

And they apparently they almost came to church the member told us, but they backed out last minute, but she asked her mother in law for help in reading the Book of Mormon because she wanted to fulfill her assignment! 

And she is excited for our return appointment tomorrow, and we are too!

So a crazy crazy story. 

Transfers were this week and Sister Barrett has an additional set of sisters she's going to be in charge of, and both of the sets of sisters she is over are companionships that have a fresh missionary straight from the MTC! 

So that's going to be fun!

These poor sisters... what a rough day for Sister Miles first night of the mission!

Sister Miles and Sister Park came and took the place of the Elders in Sydney. They got to the apartment and there were many things about the apartment that were NOT things that should be in any missionary apartment. I will just say this, that the elders there were not obedient elders. The spirit was NOT in that place. And they were freaking out and hyperventilating and crying and calling people to see what they should do, and long story short, we were called past 10:30 (bedtime) and told that the Sydney Sisters needed to stay with us that night.

Convinently we live in a motel and there were extra cots downstairs! 

They arrived around midnight and filled us in on the crazy details before we went to bed, so we didn't go to bed till after one...

But hey, they are safe now and we got to meet Sister Miles (in the front)! 


We didn't have studies that morning though. 

And it seriously effected our spirits. 

We did have an awesome lesson with this recent convert that was baptized just before I got here. 

He's African and sent us this awesome text.

So that was a good lesson, because he basically taught himself. But man, we were kind of on edge, or grumpy, and just, done with lameness, so we went out of town a little bit because we wanted to just get away so we came up with the excuse of trying an out-of-the-way family. And it turned out to be inspired because they are moving soon turns out. 

I just feel so loved because the Holy Ghost was still able to work through us grumpy sister missionaries.

We took a little tiny road trip this week. 

Had some time and miles to kill.

And this little gem was at the end! Isn't it cute???

And a road side fire!?!? 


She is doing amazing! Her husband is still out of town. But we had a lesson with her earlier in the week and she wanted to pray properly and the member helped her and she has such a desire to learn! When we checked on her an hour before church she was already in her church dress! 

She is flourishing in the fellowship people give when you are seen at church. Yesterday was the second time for her coming to church and she stayed all three hours. She just loves all the people she meets. When she was called on to introduce herself in class she said:

"I'm here, I'm from Cambodia. This is my second time coming to church here in America. I meet so many awesome people and I here with my best friends." Awww! I love her! And when we were sitting down in class she said, "Maybe I sit in the middle so you can both teach me." Awww! Man, she is just so sweet and so awesome.

We took a picture! 

That's not her baby, but she thought he was so cute. 

Then she told us, haha, that she sent a message to Flinn saying she found a boyfriend at church, followed by this picture. 

Hahahaha, so funny!

I love her so much and she has loosened up so much in the past week! We just need to get her hooked up with a friend that can actually spend down time with her! haha. She has such a desire to learn! To learn English, how to pray, and just to learn about the gospel in general! It has truly been a blessing to find her and to be teaching her. Oh! And she is willing to be baptized! She said that she needs to ask Flinn still, but that he never says no to anything. haha.

Oh, we also found two less actives that are not on the ward list. Got their full names, but not their birthdays, darn. Williston is absolutely FULL of less active members. We weren't able to set up specific return appointments with them, but we made good impressions and they are alright with us coming back.

It's been great to have so much time in our area! (What with all the MLC and Zone Conference stuff that went on a bit ago.)

Oh, also in sacrament meeting yesterday Sister Barrett and I performed "Behold Thy Handmaiden," the song that mom and I sang for my farewell. It was absolutely great, and I've always wanted to be able to perform it on my mission, and now I have! But unfortunately, Sister Barrett and I unintentionally bought a recorder that seems to be practically useless now. There's no way to plug it into the computer and send of the sound bites! So that is really really really unfortunate......


P.S. We totally met someone named Faith and someone named Hope this week. But didn't find a Charity. lol

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