Monday, June 8, 2015

58 - Why Not Minot?

Wow. Why no time! I cheated last week and had two hours, now it's back to an hour. Darn. Till late August.

We drove up to Minot on Monday. That was our P-Day. When we got there, Sister Barrett left all by her lonesome with the zone leaders (the only time when a sister can be alone-if she's a sister training leader traveling in the car to missionary leadership council (MLC)) and I was dropped off at the bowling alley with the Sisters in Minot!

So I bowled in a dress.

And Sister Cleg, we discovered, is a bowling ballerina.

Then we went to the mall in Minot.

And Sister Williams, we discovered, is really a flower child.

And I? I don't know what I am, but I took a picture of me with crazy rings on!

Being in a trio with the Minot Sisters was SO FUN! They are so funny and we get along great and we had some adventures while Sister Barrett was receiving training. While Sister Barrett was in Bismarck, we decided to go to one of the outskirt towns of Minot.

We went to Velva, and we waited forever because of construction. But we met a couple people, including the catholic father guy of the city, and he was super nice!

Then we went to the neighboring city, Sawyer, and went on this long dirt farm road looking for this address.

We stopped at a farm house thing that looked like this and there were these kids just playing outside and they just ran up to us all excited. We asked their grandma for directions, and while she was looking on her phone, one of the little kids pulled down the other little girl's skirt! haha. We slipped a restoration pamphlet into her hand after we got the directions and as we drove away she was holding up the pamphlet to the kids, as if saying, "you see, this is Jesus, and Jesus doesn't ever pull down people's skirts!" hahaha. It was awesome.

And we went to an airforce base for dinner!
Pretty Normal on the Base. :)

It was super cool. 

Minot. It's where all the nuc's are. So when WWIII happens, DON'T come to North Dakota! Serious. 

It was super cool to see how secure the gate is but how normal it looks on base.

We picked Sister Barrett up Wednesday night after dinner on the base. 

Thursday we spent most of the day planning. Sister Barrett had to plan with the zone leaders on how to best take the training that they had received and give the same kind of training again to our zone, but catered to their needs. 

Sister Barrett and the Zone Leaders

So we did that for a good few hours.  

We also taught a few lessons with these sisters, and we also had time to just sing together.

Us four Sisters are all musical, so guess what we did for Zone Conference on Friday! 

A musical number! 

It was so awesome and fun.

We went back to our area after eating out at a Chinese place, and taught a lesson before bed.

And when we woke up... Sister Barrett opened the package that she got! Because it was her birthday! Yay!

Twenty presents for twenty years! And they were all blue, one of her favorite colors!

And the crowning pic, a camera! She needed a new one desperately.

Opening all those presents wore her out.

Just like helping someone move that day wore us out.

And you now what's crazy though? We taught five lessons on Sister Barrett's birthday. AND everyone that we taught just happened to have chocolate to give her, even though almost all of them were drop by visits!

And we then ate at one of her favorite member's house for dinner and she sent a picture of us to our moms and Sister Barrett's family sent back a recording of them singing their happy birthday song to her and that was super special. And then!


And Sunday, our Philaphino recent convert is doing SOOO good. She got a job and she's not working on Sunday and we all started crying as her husband told us that the first thing that she would do coming home was separate 10% from her tips. WE ARE ALL SO PROUD OF HER!!!

This is the song that Sister Barrett and I sang at her baptism. It was written by Sister Barrett's mom. :)

Well that's it! Bye!

P.S. The hallway to Golden's apartment looks like the hallway that turns upside down in the Forest Temple In Zelda Ocarina of Time. lol

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