Sunday, June 28, 2015

43 - This Sabbath Day

Birds Coming Back - Spring Must be Near
First, about the weather, since I haven't mentioned it much recently. It hasn't really snowed or anything, but the temperature has been going up and down and up and down! I always accused Arizona of having bipolar weather, but South Dakota definitely has it too. It was in the 40's one day, then 12 degrees with some wind a day later. The fluctuating weather is really hard on a lot of people. But, the birds seem to think it's okay to start coming back. So hopefully winter won't last too much longer.

Sister Stephens was sick the first bit of this week. But, consequently, I had time to do things- like sit down and reorganize the area.
We have been talking about this with the Elders for awhile and on Saturday we set it in stone. See, we share a ward with the Elders and we have assigned areas that we proselyte in so that when we tract we don't knock on the same doors unknowingly and so we know 'okay, we have jurisdiction over teaching the gospel to this person and they are responsible for that person.' Of course, there are a few exceptions, like when people request specifically to have sisters, so we do teach some singe women in the elders area. BUT! Here's the thing. Our area was the rich part of Sioux Falls. People generally haven't been too receptive when we work in our part of Sioux Falls. And, the Elders usually work the northern part of their area and the middle was being left out, but it is a more humble area, unlike our portion.

The part of the Sioux Fall Area that we are responsible for.
So! We bumped up the dividing line to 33rd street! Before we only went up to 57th street, the colored in crayon areas. So we have more area, more people we have responsibility over! SO while Sister Stephens was sick, I went through the massive stack of the Elders 'former's and organized it and pulled out the people who were now in our area, which was just six records out of the at least seventy that were in there. That's how little they got down past 33rd Street. I'm so glad we changed the area boundaries! We also this week went through the ward list and found tons of less actives to try. I think less active hunting is one of my favorite things to do. I feel like a sneaky gospel detective and I feel like it's clearing up information on the ward list that needs correction. ...It's the editor in me. haha.

Also, other news.

Yes, this is a repeat picture, but this is just to illustrate the fact that, WE HAVE THE CAR 24/7 NOW!!! 

See, this transfer the area in Mitchel was closed, because there's just not enough missionaries coming our to balance out the number of them going home. They had a car up there and there was a space for it here so, ALL of the missionaries here in Sioux Falls have a car full time now!! Blessings!

But about this week.

We had a really sweet lesson with a family who is going to progress in the gospel. They have been feeling under the weather this week, but the mom's sister is a member and they oh man, they are just prepared and really want to know the truth, and their ten year old is so profound, holy cow! When we asked him to say the prayer at the end of the lesson he said, "I've never said anything this important before.. I'm nervous..." AWW! But he did so good! Aw man, he is going to make the best father! So patient and eager to learn the gospel reverent and respectful!

Henry and Elizabeth have been having medical trials lately. Elizabeth had a scare on Thursday that she might have lost the baby. They called us, but we were at dinner, but they got a hold of one of their fellowshippers - members are so awesome - and she took them to the hospital. Henry had just taken medication that prohibits him from being able to drive for two hours- that's why they needed someone to take them. But it seems like things should be okay with Elizabeth and her baby. The results looked okay then, but they will have her do another test soon to confirm she is still pregnant.
Henry and Elizabeth
The day after that craziness happened, we ate dinner with them! How awesome is that! They slaved away in the kitchen, preparing enchilada's for us. 

Henry told us the meal we ate with them that night was the same thing that Elizabeth first cooked him. It was love at first bite, haha.

And their cute baby. :-)
And their little baby is sooooo cute! 

We just love her! 

And she loves us!

We watched the Restoration DVD after dinner and kind of connected the dots. If the restoration is true, then the Book of Mormon is true and vise versa, and the priesthood is here on the earth, and we have a prophet and his words are God's words, and the church is just true! 

And Henry is excited about baptism! The ten percent of tithing is still a bit too high but they will pay as much as they can. We will continue to work on their testimony and commitment to paying tithing. But he has developed a testimony of the priesthood since he had that blessing last week. And we told them that they needed to come to church three Sundays before baptism, and he pulled out his phone, looking at his calendar and said, "if we come these next three Sundays, we could do the 14th.

AH! Just to hear him talk about baptism like, 'yeah, we are going to do this,' and just... Sister Stephens and I weren't sure if they would be baptized before I leave the area and now it looks like that's totally going to happen and just! AAAHH! I'm just so happy!

But of course, we still aren't there yet. But oh man, we love Henry and Elizabeth so much. And the more Sister Stephens and I talk about it, the more we feel we were called to serve here, specifically us two, for them. They feel comfortable around us and we just, we LOVE THEM! And want the best for them and to teach them so well and just, yes. It's awesome!
And then. This Sunday. Heavenly Father. He answers prayers.

I prayed so much that Henry and Elizabeth would come to church, as well as who I will call Sunshine, the deaf less active that I have worked with since I got here to Sioux Falls. She is officially moving, and she hasn't been to church for over a month and she NEEDED to come to church this week, because she moves Saturday!
And SHE CAME! She was able to get up! SHE CAME! Oh man, poor thing, she's so sad about moving- been crying a lot. We pray for her, we love her so much.

AND! MIRACLE!!!! HENRY CAME TO CHURCH WITH THEIR BABY! But Elizabeth didn't because she was having bad morning sickness, and on her birthday too, sad face. So Henry only stayed for sacrament, but it was also super cool because one of his main fellowshippers gave a great talk! How cool is that! OH MAN! They are going to have an easier time coming to church now. I'm so excited!

And, a simple text can be so so important! Another less active who lives in Worthing who hasn't been to church in who knows how long - mostly we think because he just got out of the habit of going - came to church because we texted him asking him if he would be at church! And then he came!

So heavenly Father answered yes to Henry, and Sunshine, but no to Elizabeth, and provided us with a tender mercy! HOW AWESOME!

We took pictures during the potluck with Sunshine. We will miss her, but her ward will take care of her. We sure will try to make sure of that

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