Monday, February 2, 2015

40 - Winter is Back

Map of the City of Worthing, S.D.
Don't have lots of time to write unfortunately, but the main things that happened:

We went to Worthing again in the middle of the week and finally, it took three times of going, but finally we were there when the City Hall was open! 

And we totally got at map, the official map, which totally looks like a map of a school and it's hilarious to me. 

The member that was with us was cracking up because she was super surprised that they had a map at all.

We finally were able to visit the one less active that lives in Worthing! Yay! 

And he said he'd come to church this next Sunday! Yay!

Then zone conference was also this week on Friday. Two zones of missionaries all meeting together for a day to be spiritually nourished by other missionaries and the Stake President and President and Sister Anderson! Yay! 

And the Sisters in Brookings stayed at our apartment that night, which means Sister Christiansen was able to 'come back home' for a bit, being as this was her first area. 

So that was super cool for her.

It was a little hectic getting out the door, but we did eventually!

And, they sang to me at zone conference because my birthday is between January and the end of March! 

March 1st I'll be 21. 

Yea! Driving in the Snow!
Hey, Who Spilled White-Out on the Road???

And then Saturday I drove for the first time in snow that was on the ground, like pretty thick snow, and it was coming down still when I was driving. 

We had an adventure for better or worse.

I don't have lots of time to email today because I actually had to file an incident report before emailing. 

I was pulling out of a parking lot turning left and the turn was too wide and it was dark and I had no idea where the curb on the other side of the main road was and I hit it... pretty hard... 

And what makes matters worse was, we are using a rental car right now, because our car is getting hail damage fixed... 

The hit made the right side of the front bumper pop up... So... That happened. 

We are gonna be figuring out stuff with that today, but, things should work out I hope.

So, yeah, don't drive in thick snow if you don't have a car that's built to do that, especially for your first time driving in it. 

Not good.

So, went to sleep, and woke up to a call from bishop saying church was canceled because of the weather...

Darn it! And Henry and Elizabeth were going to come too! 

Satan really just doesn't want them to come to church! 

By the way, they have hit a slight stumbling block. 

We taught them about tithing on Saturday and it was a good lesson, but Henry doesn't feel right about it. He feels like you are buying blessings. Which, I suppose if you had to have a concern about tithing, that's probably the best one you could have. 

He was set on being baptized, but having to live the law of tithing he joins the church is making him have doubts. But he will come around. They won't be able to be baptized on the 14th, but they will be baptized eventually. 

They are still willing to meet with us and everything. It'll just take some time of getting used to the idea of tithing being something that God has asked us to do.

But yeah, it was pretty windy and snowy. 

I was even able to capture the wind blowing the snow! Look at it, blowing up and to the right! 

It wasn't super cold, but the road conditions were bad, really bad, too much snow for little cars! 

We went outside to see if we could get the car out of the garage and give it to the sisters, but oh man, there was this car that was stuck trying to get out of the parking lot. 

And her car was about as big as ours. 

We were able to help her make it out, but yeah, getting our car out wasn't happening until the plows came through.

The Sisters did actually come and get the car later, but they got very stuck trying to get out onto the main road. It was a good thing that bishop was picking us up at that time and that a random citizen was able to help them. 

The road conditions... yeah, not good.

We ate lunch with the bishop though because he lives pretty close. We had soup! 

And then we watched Saratov Approach with them (because we could) and Sister Stephens had never seen it. Bishop then took us back home... but we realized we left the phone! But we had fun walking back over there.

I wanted to take more pictures, but my camera died. By the way, pictures taken with the camera inside a ziplock bag seem to work! Woo!

So yeah, winter is back. We were teased with nice weather the past couple weeks and now this is the worst we've had it practically. But I am grateful for the time were the weather was nice! It's important to count your blessings.

Until next week!

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