Wednesday, June 4, 2014

5 - Cute Stories

Missionaries Attending the Bismark Temple

T-Day = Temple Day

We got to go in the temple today!!! 

Yay! And it was really cool because it was basically all the missionaries in the zone who went. 

Just kinda worked out that way. So it was really neat.

The Work This Week

It's been a decent week I suppose. We had two lessons total since last time I updated, which is kind of unfortunate, but that's how life goes I guess. We had many excuses, some more valid than others. We had "family emergency and needing to fly to California because of it", "too busy with work", "throwing up with a migraine", "cleaning the apartment by a forgotten deadline", and even "in the bathroom!" ...Yeah, lots of excuses.

But it's alright, because there were other positive things about the week, like sharing the story of the restoration with two random people! And we gave one of them a pamphlet, and one a Book of Mormon! My first given out Book of Mormon, and I explained the whole story and everything and she was quite receptive and it just makes you feel so happy when they agree that the story of the coming about of the church is interesting and believable!

Lots of Geese!
And the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. 

The summers here are beautiful! It probably doesn't make up for the long winters... but I would totally have a summer house here! 

I mean look! 

We saw geeeeeeeese!!

Arizona - Drive, that is!

  Oh, and I tracted Arizona. 


  Meant to be.


A short story or three.

The little boy who we are teaching who we had to explain the story of Adam and Eve to, well, we've been over it a couple times, right? So his little brothers have seen us, they're ages four and six. And so we are about thirty minutes into the lesson and the four-year-old just turns around and says abruptly, "Hey! Who are you?" Hahahahahah we busted up laughing.

Another one, we were at a less-active's house. They don't go to church, but they have a little home church that they hold every Sunday for their little kids. And they asked their oldest, a seven (almost eight) year-old boy, what they had talked about. "The twelve tribes ooooooof.....Utah?" hahahhaa. Utah, Israel, close enough!

And then just the other day we were at a member's house for dinner, and they have like, the PERFECT family. My goodness. All of the kids VOLUNTEERING to say the prayer, remembering that they were expected to clean the kitchen after dinner, playing hymns on the piano, taking super good care of the little sister, suuuuper smart always thinking of something and looking for opportunity to read and figure things out and having advanced vocabulary, five kids, all of them boys except the baby girl, and all no older than ten! One of the two oldest (they're fraternal twins) said when we got out our scriptures, "is it in Mosiah? They're 'always' in Mosiah these days." hahahha
Slide INSIDE the house

And, they, well, they're very well off.

And they have a SLIDE in their house!!

Do you see that drop!? ...

It was terrifying when you weren't expecting it.

A Tree? No, Sister Neilson!
And, I would like to share with you a picture of Sister Neilson imitating this tree.

Well, I'm doing fine, and I'll update again next week! 
On Monday! 

Take care everyone!

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