Monday, October 19, 2015

77 - About to Expire and Raining Baptisms!

That moment when the expiration date on milk is significantly before the day you fly home from your mission... CRAZY!

Really though, we should go home more often. 

You know why? 

Everyone wants to be baptized before we leave! 

We have three convert baptisms happening on Saturday! 


But now to tell you about this week.


We went over and saw Sister Awesome with her newly adopted girl that she's been working for two years to bring home from Ukraine! 

And she's here now and has been adjusting well! 

She has down syndrome and institutional autism, and she yesterday was her first day at church! 

She did very very well!

And we saw Jaffar! He's alive! We'd been so worried about him! My goodness.


Look how cute, Sister Near taking the little Azonto boy to preschool.

Sister Lewis's ear was hurting, so she bought these ear candles, so Orlando's parents helped us use them!

We were birthday cakes! lol

It's gross, all the stuff that comes out of your ears. But yet so cool.

Finally, here's a picture of Charity and Orlando, who are doing very well. 

Sister Lewis drew them a picture to go along with the lesson we taught them that night.


We met with a few new people that we hadn't ever taught before. One of them was native- the first native I've really met here in Williston!

And we had dinner at a member's with Elias and he was trying to set us up with this Nephew in Africa, so that was awkwardly funny.

And then we were supposed to meet with Jaffar, but that didn't work out, and the Lord just knows and takes care of people because we visited the Azotohs instead and they got a letter that afternoon that they didn't really understand. We were able to explain it to them. It was a letter saying that they violated their lease agreement so they need to either reapply for paying full rent instead of part or they need to move out...


We still needed information for the baptism from Jaffar, so we tried to see him on his lunch break. We found him (he works construction) but he didn't 'actually' get a lunch break. But we went and bought him lunch for later and went to our next appointment.

We went with our relief society president to see Tanya Azonto to help her out with the situation. I seems like they might have to move out in the next 30 days... So that was depressing.

But then we went to Grenora, the last time Sister Lewis and I will go there, and saw Michelle, the one with the two kids and that was fun, and we went and saw the Far family for the second time, and after teaching the plan of salvation to Memory, the old deaf lady, I asked about baptism, and she's ready to be baptized!! THIS SATURDAY! As well as Sister Far's daughter, who will be a child of record since she's still eight!

We went back to Williston and were able to meet with Jaffar at that time.


We drove to and from Minot this day for our last zone meeting. So that happened.

That night, we finished teaching Jaffar the lessons and he had his baptismal interview.


This is Elias and Mr. Kiwi. Mr. Kiwi has been Elias's roommate from when Elias moved here in July. They used to live in an apartment with a few other people and everyone poked fun at Elias for meeting with us and converting. Mr. Kiwi always joked about him being baptized and played it off like he wasn't serious. But now that the other people are out of the picture and it's just Elias and Mr. Kiwi living under the same house roof, he totally really wants to be baptized, and for US to get him there! His heart has been softened! It's so cool!

We had a sweet lesson on the plan of salvation with Mr. Kiwi. He LOVED the doctrine of the kingdom of the sun and also of eternal marriage.

And then!

Jaffar was baptized! 

But the silly! 

He was all going to be super late for his baptism. 

But we told him that couldn't happen. So he was only a little late. 

Silly silly man. Oh well. 

It was a great baptism.


Everyone who is getting baptized on Saturday proved themselves- they all were at church! 

And consequently, I interpreted all of sacrament meeting and gospel principles, AND relief society! 

Because the other person who can sign is super pregnant and was probably sick.

So yes, I interpreted all of church for Memory. It was an incredible experience. I'm making my ASL interpreter of a mom proud! 

So it's been a great week, and we will go out with a splash! The sound of multiple baptisms!!!

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