Monday, September 21, 2015

73 - Busy Week, Letter to the President

Sorry. We miscalculated today and we got Sister Lewis's hair done first and now the emailing place closes in a few minutes. :( :( :( I'm super bummed. Like, really. This week was awesome. So... I don't have time to right about it. So this isn't a 'real' blog entry, it's just copy/paste of the email that I sent to president for this week:

We have four new investigators as of this week! Wow! That's the most we've found ever since Sister Lewis and I became companions! Heavenly Father is really blessing us. Three of them are African, one of them, Jaffar, is super prepared because he was going to the church and meeting with the missionaries in Liberia, but didn't have the chance to get baptized before he came here, so we will surely see him baptized before we leave the mission field! And the other investigator is deaf! She is the mother of a less active who lives in Grenora. There are two less active families who know the church is true and they both lived in Grenora so it was hard to make it to church. One of the families just moved here to Williston! And both of the families have kids that are baptism age or almost to age eight and they both wanted to have their kids take the lessons, and I know sign language, so they bring Sister Far's mom, Memory, down too, and we had our first lesson on Saturday and we are going to teach all the lessons over the span of all the Saturdays till the end of the transfer! Sister Lewis gives the lesson and I interpret--it's an amazing experience! And we've talked to people in the ward, and we can have the resources available (people who know a little and have degrees in deaf communications and people who have a desire to learn from scratch) an interpreter or two trained to translate church for her for when I'm gone! Heavenly Father loves all of His children so much!

And Elias received the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday! Horray! So many great things.

Sister Lewis is doing well. She has random flashes of emotions that go through her super fast just being a little conflicted emotionally about wanting to go home verses not wanting to go home, but they don't last long at all, and she acknowledges her feelings without being immobilized by them, which is the best thing to do! Her stomach still doesn't agree with her most mornings, but she does her best and we still see miracles, because Heavenly Father doesn't require anyone to run faster than they have strength. :) She has desire to endure to the end! As do I.

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