Wednesday, November 18, 2015

54a - Districts, Dinners, and Transfers

We went out to eat with the person who heads 1st international bank and trust, aka, Sister Edwards dad. 

All approved by President of course.

And here are a couple of not very good photos of our district.

Well, first thing's first, transfer calls happened this morning. (They were not on Saturday like usual, which was a little lame, but anyways!) 

These are the changes. Sister Edwards is going to Fargo, North Dakota, which was my trainer, Sister Easter's, first area. 

Sister Schoenfeld is going to Schadran, Nebraska, or however you spell that. And what's happening with the other two who live in the apartment?.....



And she's going to be Sister Training leader, only over one set of Sisters, which are the sisters in Minot two hours away. 

I've always served closely with the Sister Training leader, but I've never been her companion! 

As Sister Training leader's companion, you are left entertain yourself at least twice during the week while the Sister Training leader has phone calls with the Zone leaders and with the other sisters that she's over. 

I'm pretty good at entertaining myself and supporting my companion. 

And Sister Barrett is SO stinkin' cute and she and I get along fabulously and I am so so so excited to be her companion come Thursday when our companions take off for their new areas. 
A more awesome picture of our awesome district. :)
We are going to be combining our areas, but we will meet as a district sometime this week and make solid decisions on whose area should be whose. 

There are going to be two sets of elders and now just one set of Sisters... but I don't want to cover area in all three wards and attend nine hours of church if I don't have to! 

So we will see what happens there. 

I really enjoyed my time with this district.

The weather was so nice at the beginning of the week! 

We had a super awesome day of warm refreshing rain on Wednesday! 

It got a bit cold after that... but that's ok. It still warmed up in the afternoons. 

We went to Ray to work again this week. 

We taught three lessons and there are some people who we haven't really been able to teach, but we figured we could always make them Mother's Day cookies!

The sugar cookies tasted almost exactly like the sugar cookies my mom makes for our annual Christmas caroling party.

Oh, and Williston Band Day happened this Saturday, and, such a teenage forgetful boy thing to do, Sister Boone's son needed to be at the school in Ray to go and perform in the band day and Sister Boone had NO idea about it until that very morning! So plans changed last minute and we went to the Band day to watch him perform. He plays percussion. But they performed early... But we saw him afterward, so that was good and important, to at least show that his mom went to support him.

Happy Mother's Day everyone! We went back to Williston for church, which was super good and I'll totally talk about more Sunday churches later when I have time, just know that tons of people came to church and it was great, and then we went right back up to Ray. 
We face-timed our families, and it was so great. My family is awesome.
And then....

The awesome Mother's Day BBQ we've been planning! Again, hosted at the Boone's house in Ray. 

It was SUCH a great turnout! 

Three less active families, some active families in Williston, two less active individuals, and a couple nonmembers came, as well as the Bishop and his family, so they had the chance to meet everyone! It was super good.

We also met two new less actives this week that aren't on the ward list because their records are in Idaho/Utah respectively because they travel back and forth because they are oil field workers, and we committed the one to come to church on his week here, which is the 24th, and the other one we invited to church and he came! And he has been reading his scriptures and wants to meet with us very much and wants to become worthy to receive his patriarchal blessing and exercise the priesthood and things like that, so we are seeing him in Ray tomorrow! Thank goodness for awesome members who give us rides!

I met two other less actives this week who we have teaching records for, but I've never met, and one of those less actives also came to church on Mother's Day! It was a great day! It was just great and I'm out of time otherwise I would go into more detail.

Boone Family
A shout out to the Boone's! 

I'm so grateful to them for everything! 

For letting us stay at their house, for their girls coming out on splits with us, for having awesome BBQs, and just being so awesome! 

Thank you thank you! 

Till next week!

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