Monday, December 15, 2014

33 - Oh, the Weather Outside's... Delightful!

Before I say anything about this week, there is a story that I forgot to tell that's too good to leave out of my mission blog!
Black Friday Mall Crowd

Flashback to Black Friday amongst the hustle and bustle of the mall in the afternoon!

We were at the food court and had just gotten our lunch. Problem is, there was hardly any places to sit. Solution- sit on the rim of the indoor fountain, like everyone does when there's nowhere to sit. I was by a guy who was playing some game on his cell phone. Well, we're counseled to talk with everyone to give them an opportunity to accept the gospel, so I strike up a conversation. I'm only eating my fries as I talk. I don't want to be so undignified as to be workin' on my messy Whopper when fulfilling my calling as a representative of Jesus Christ. Somehow, I doubt that would invite the spirit. haha.

The conversation was going fine. He didn't seem too interested, but I brought up the Book of Mormon and was going to talk more about it when his phone rang. He did mention that he was waiting for his wife and kid to meet him. I reached for my Book of Mormon and discretely pulled it out and kept it by my side, but then the guy got up... darn it...

Sister Burt realized the situation. "Sorry," she sympathized. But then a few seconds later, "wait, isn't that him?" The guy had just put down his phone and was just standing there, looking around. 

Woo! Here's my chance! So I walk up and say,

"Hi, sorry, we have to get going, but here," I say as I place the Book of Mormon in his hand.


"I know if you read and pray about the Book of Mormon that the Holy Ghost will tell you it is of God."

"Well... thank you, but I'm Luthran, so I don't want this."

"Well, that's ok, just give it to someone who needs Jesus in their life!" I said with a smile.

"Oh! Ok, I'll do that! Thank you!"

"You're welcome, Grr... g..rraa....."

"What are you trying to say...?"

"I'm trying to remember your name."

"You don't know me."

"! ...Oh! hahaha.. well then! ok, well, anyway, you have a great holiday season!"

"You to, thanks."

Hahahahahaha! I totally gave it to a totally different guy! hahahahah! But it totally worked! I I think that I ended up putting it in good hands! hahaha.

So that's that story! haha. Back to the present.

"Frozen" Falls Park

After emailing last P-Day we went and took pictures at Falls Park! 

It was cold that evening, but it was so fun and so beautiful! 

Our Group at the Frozen Falls
We walked and climbed on the frozen falls and everything! 

We had some great pictures taken! 

And the place is soooo beautiful and Christmas time at night!

You know what's really rewarding? 

To have your mission President mention your success story in his weekly email to all the missionaries. He said:

"Great success is being experienced through the He is the Gift initiative... One set of Sister Missionaries packed a lunch, asked a member to help them get their bikes to a neighboring town in their area and spent the day tracting then the member came back at night and picked them up. They passed out 29 He is the Gift Cards, five Books of Mormon and are returning to follow up on the appointments they made and to do more tracting."

How awesome is that!? After reading that I really wish we had been able to report better news about going to Worthing again, but see, we tried our hardest to call everyone and get someone to come with us to the appointments we set up with people there, but because of various reasons, nobody was able to at all. Darn Christmas shopping and sickness and lack of answering phone. But, the Lord knows what he's doing because in the morning we contacted the people we had appointments with by phone and one of them was very sick and the other was out of town.

We ended up going to Lennox to find some innactive people on the ward list there. Lennox is a little tiny bit futher out than Worthing and it's also a little bit bigger and a lot bit more getto. 

Also, you find odd things in small towns, like buses parked in driveways of houses. It gives Sister Burt the creeps Lennox does. 

We were able to find at least one member who we could come back and see sometime, so that was good.

We also went to Tea and tracted a bit.

It was successful. We go to Tea a lot to teach a less active family once a week. 

A 2-Track Crossing!
It's good because it's the closest to us and it's larger too, more options to choose from as far as where to tract.

Warm enough to RAIN!
Also, the weather... has been an absolute miracle. Saturday it was 55 degrees! And same with Sunday! 

Like... what! NOT South Dakota winter weather at all! I went to church with no coat! It was amazing! Moss was growing on the trees and everything! It's so warm that it's 'raining' right now! Granted it's going to snow again today later... but still! I'll take a two whole day miracle!

Also, Sister Burt got her trunky papers. Poor Sister Burt... haha.

So that's about it! We are going to be working hard this Christmas season! Woo!


Gas prices have been awesome here lately.

Door @ a Gift Shop...Is that a...hmm?

This handle at the Sioux Falls gift shop totally looks like a video game controller.

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