Saturday, March 8, 2014

I'm Going on a Mission!

In Early December, a packet came in the mail. In it was contained the name of the place I would be living for the next year and a half.

And now, I'm leaving for the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on April 15th to spend a week and a half going through missionary boot camp and then launching off to serve the people in the Rapid City South Dakota Mission! It's the second largest mission landmass wise in the United States, second only to Alaska.

As a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I will be looking for people who are searching for something more. I will be sharing the message of the gospel with all of the people who will hear it. (Gospel literally means good news by the way, fun and true fact). And also as missionaries, they don't say we're 'called to serve' for nothing. I will be involved in serving the people here, helping them shovel snow, do farm work, or even just bring in groceries. Missionaries are all about helping people on sight, whether it be by a spiritual message or by an act of kindness.

I'm excited to be called as a messenger of God, an instrument in his hands to bring greater light to people and to help people in need. I know I will love these people as I serve them. It's a curse really. Anyone you serve you end up loving, even if you despise them! It's amazing really. 

This blog will be updated weekly once I get to the MTC. Every Monday I will email the contents of my blog to my father who will copy paste it as a post. I won't be replying to any posts made on my blog, but I will be able to respond to emails and letters, and that contact information is over on the left. Monday's are my only free days to reply back to letters and emails if you do decide to contact me. Feel free to check in now and then to see what's new in my upcoming eighteen month adventure!

P.S. A shout out to all of you who are regulars at Circle K who are reading this! Believe it or not, working at Circle K prepared me a lot for the mission field. I can talk to random people a lot easier than I could eight months ago, and I owe that to working at a gas station. And I have come to care for all of you who always come into the store, and if I love seeing your faces when you walk in the door, I know I'll love the people in the midwest too! Seriously love you all! You're good people!


.....I'm a good Mormon.

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