Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elder Ben Lopez - Letter 1 - Nebraska

Here's a letter from Elder Ben Lopez, for those of you who know him and aren't on the distribution list.
Heyyyyyy! Everyone! Family and friends! Wow! Well i have a lot to talk about!

I can accept Letters at my new address. I found out that packages can be sent to this address too! 
Elder Ben R Lopez
155 E 8th St. Apt #1
Wahoo, NE 68066
The weather is ok here haha not snowing here yet. Maybe next week. The Families are amazing. Well, they remind me of friends and family from home. Its very weird. I'm thinking, whoa, you sound so much like me cousins! You act like this person and that person. The church isn't a ward. its a branch. So we just have a Branch President. :) My companion's Name is Elder Benjamin Painter...haha He's amazing. Well the first day of meeting him was Friday. My area is 30 min North of Lincoln City, in a place called Wahoo. I didn't get to meet my companion til about 1 pm on Friday. so i hung out with other missionaries waiting for my companion. Lets just say i wanted to fight some missionaries because of the way they were acting! Yes, some aren't as obedient to the rules and other type of things as other missionaries!. Well, Thankfully my companion is awesome! He reminds me of Luke Powell and a few other people put into one. haha
My first night in Wahoo, We teach this investigator...My first lesson that i get to teach in Nebraska is..........The Law of Chastity...Yay! haha but the investigator is about 76 years old and he is awesome! He has a baptismal date for this FridayDec 19th. Nothing big haha...I'm thankful that i get to participate and fulfill the or be here for the baptism and to be able to help with a couple lessons. The Branch is great at welcoming investigators and the area I'm in is great for church attendance with investigators, lots of baptisms, and just a great area out of the mission. I feel honored to be here for my first area! A couple more baptisms this next month. 
My first times out here since i came on a plane...Well, (Wed-Friday) Spent a couple days in a hotel and the Mission President was training us new missionaries. On Thursday, tried to go on splits and knock from door to door to give a Book of Mormon away. It went well, Gave one away This took place in Omaha. Then Visited the Winter Quarters Temple and visiting center. It was amazing. Then a lesson and dinner at President Weston's house. Then Friday came and went to see our new companions for the transfer. Friday night gave lesson and had dinner at a members house.Saturday came and we had a slow day. So we were thinking of things on what to do. Well, got invited to lunch with the branch pres family. Met them and the Branch pres wife...Reminded me of my mom. haha So yeah pretty scary! After Elder Painter and I went to go street contacting later for about 3-4 hours. We went to a town full of Catholics..the town is called Weston. Lots of rejection especially from this older lady. so this is how it went...

She was about in her 70's or 80's. We introduced ourselves..then she says. I want nothing to do with you. Then shuts door. 
I thought to myself. There is so much we can give and well nothing you can do to force them to listen. So just went our ways and onto the next door.! The next town we go to is called Malmo. It is full of Lutherans...Hoping some of our convos don't end up in bible bashing. But they say no thank you or some just close the door. My companion and I are starving and we see this place. I was thinking to myself...ohhh we should preach in this place! He smiles and laughs a bit. Well, the place is a Bar and Grill. So we walked there and immediately I didn't feel good about so we just turn around. So maybe next time! :)
Church was Awesome! Met so many people but our church is under a eye care center. Our church isnt big. Not many Melchizedek Priesthood holders. But before church my companion and i give a blessing of healing and anointing of the oil. I blessed the Sacrament. Then I bore my testimony for a bit. Everyone seemed excited haha The Branch President enjoyed what i talked about when i talked about seminary. Me thinking nothing of it just talking about it helped out a lot of others as they listened. Later that night, taught another lesson at the Branch Presidents house. We also had dinner and did a little gift exchange thing and had some fun. The branch President talked to me about singing. He asked if i liked singing and i said yes. Then he gave a compliment that i had a great voice. I freaked out and thought to myself, not really. But said Thank you haha. He wondered if i would do a solo and i was freaked out again and said no. but dont worry, Creating a Boy Band for the church to sing Christmas Hymns! ;) and they had a guitar so i tuned it right quick and played a few songs and they love it! I'm so thankful for the talents and to be able to make them happy. So there is like 30 members. Not too many people in the branch, but almost half of them will be moving to different states. So, I'll be doing my best to help the branch and bring others unto Christ!
So good So far...! I love you all. Its great hearing all the things that have been happening at home! Writing letters will be effective for me. I'm going to be writing a lot. I hope Christmas break is fun and that you all enjoy family and friends and the holidays! Be safe out there! Stay warm! and I'm trying my best to be warm! haha and its not snowing here. So hopefully pretty soon like next week. And I'll let you know when I can Skype. Not too sure...Hmm, please let me know the times that the other missionaries are Skyping...Elder Shaeffer&Hermana Shaeffer...I can work around their time. Thank you for everything! I forgot my camera and I'll be sure to post pictures next time. I'm really slow on that. please forgive me. Everyone home keep having fun and enjoy the Christmas break! You all are working hard! Teaching, Studying for Finals, Working..Just getting through everyday. you all are amazing and continue to do what you all do! I love you All! You all keep me motivated everyday! To do my best! Until Next Monday! :)
-Elder Lopez

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